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Hello beautiful,


Welcome to my virtual internet abode!


I am a female sexuality and pleasure coach and I am here to help you discover the power of your sexuality and your orgasmic potential.


My mission is to help liberate women to feel more free and in love with their bodies. unlock and expand their deepest pleasure and to come into more intimacy and connection with themselves.


I am a certified Layla Martin VITA™️ Sex, Love & Relationship Coach and a trauma informed facilitator. My background is in Burlesque and I am a qualified Twerk After Work™ instructor.


​I work holistically to help people to bring unconditional self love to themselves through self intimacy and embodiment (like twerking!) and educate people about sexuality to support them to live their most pleasurable, orgasmic lives!

My own personal journey involves overcoming 7 years of eating disorders, low self esteem and negative body image through lots of inner work and therapy, burlesque, tantra, yoga, meditation and women’s circles.

On this journey I healed my relationship to food, reclaimed my body back from the conditionings that we are not good enough as we are, liberated my sexuality from shame and went from feeling disconnected to loving my body unconditionally.

I am devoted to guide other women to reclaim their bodies, their sexual power and most expansive pleasure and release sexual shame.


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